Urban Slick Winter Collection 2012 By Arsalan And Yahseer | Casual Winter Leather Jackets Collection 2012-13 For Menswear

Arsalan And Yahseer are coming in with a bold new vision for menswear and for winter their focus is on jackets. Funky jackets, making sweepingly masculine style statements with leather, leatherette and fur highlights. These are pieces to love and wear perpetually, must-haves with character that will oomph up the normal staples in any man's wardrobe immeasurable. Wear them to the beach in Karachi or to farmhouse off Lahore on a chilly winter evening or indeed anywhere and everywhere in winter. Arsalan and Yahseer's vision of Urban Slick is rough, rugged and ready to roll or ride into a storm. Now, who wouldn't want to be The guy? Available at Arsalan and Yahseer outlets in Zamzama and Traiq Road in Karachi. Stocked at the design emporium in Lahore and the ramp in Islamabad.


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