Arsalan & Yahseer Safari To Sindh Collection 2012-13 | New Sindhi Fashion For Mens

Arsalan and Yahseer bring their eclectic style to regional craft with modern Sindh collection 2012. The designers featured many signatures Sindhi craft in their collection such as Ajrak prints, Rilli and beautiful mirror work embroidery. The people of Sindh were the inspiration for this collection for their sheer strength and perseverance in the face of natural disasters. Arsalan and Yahseer spoke about the experience of designing the modern Sindh collection, "It has been an experience of much discovery as we worked with existing women's handbags, galas, bed sheets, bridal ghararas, to create the modern man's jackets, suits, long coats, sherwanis, dhoti and shalwars. The collection endeavors to reflect the richness of the Sindhi culture fused with what the contemporary man's wears and is predominantly based in three colors, black, white and maroon with graceful silver on the edges. this fashion mostly appreciate in interior Sindhi because the new generation is so advance in fashion trend and when some thing launched related with their culture they really liked it.

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