Bina Sultan Feat. Fayez Agariah Summer Collection 2012 | New Fancy Frock Collection 2012/13

Bina Sultan Feat. Fayez Agariah introduced Spring-Summer Collection 2012. this is the BNS couture collection that was a breath of fresh air at Karachi Fashion Week last year. Bina Sultan, whose zany sensibility got noticed years ago at Fashion Pakistan Week, came up with another wild collection which was far more fine-tuned than her last effort, Silky dresses with leather straps, khaki baggies with smart beautiful shirts, stunning vibrant prints and best tailored jackets defined the look for fashion forward risk taking dressers.

Bina has fashion dynamo Fayez Agariah as a consultant and the collaboration is definitely working out well. here's looking forward to what BNS couture come up with This year. Labels by BNS. the designers of this collection is Bina Sultan feat. Fayez Agariah. Collection by Crucifixion of eve featuring Artwork by Raja Changez Sultan. this collection modeled by Ayesha Toor. a beautiful hair and makeup by Anam, Nida and Shazdeh @ Tariq Amin's Salon, Karachi.

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